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Useful Books



Wildlife Information Books

Chris Baines (2000)
How to Make a Wildlife Garden 
ISBN 0 7112 1711 4
Lots of useful information on creating your own wildlife garden, including information on which plants attract which animals at what times of year!

David Burnie (1988)
An ‘Eyewitness Guide’ 
ISBN 0-86318-286-0
Great facts about trees and woodlands, and lots of pictures!

Tess Darwin (1996) 
The Scots Herbal—The Plant Lore of Scotland
  ISBN 1873644 604
Historical uses of native Scottish plants, including medicinal uses. Also plant lore, local Scots names of plants and Gaelic names.

Richard Mabey (1992)
Food for Free 
ISBN 0 00 219865 7
A wealth of information about edible British wild plants.

Francis Rose (1981) 
The Wild Flower Key—British Isles to N.W. Europe
  ISBN 0 7232 2419 6
One of the most comprehensive plant identification guides.

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Activities Books

Joseph Cornell 
Sharing Nature With Children 
ISBN 1 883220 73 4
Sharing Nature with Children II 
ISBN 1 883220 87 4
Classic books, providing the original, accessible inspiration to a generation of environmental 'sharers'. Both books equally a good place to start - full of activities for the outdoors, and games about wildlife (some of which can also be played indoors).

Alida Gersie 
ISBN 1 85425 065 5
A lovely book of short stories from around the globe, telling of human relationships with the natural world. Also includes activities for adults or children that work with the stories, often exploring difficult situations and feelings.

Kirk Hoessle with Steve Van Matre 
and Snow-walks  (available from the Institute of Earth Education)
Magic ideas for fun and engaging activities during walks in various settings, including snow!

Gordon MacLellan 
Talking to the Earth 
ISBN 1 898307 43 1
A fantastic collection of ideas to release the creativity in everyone! Explores new ways of expressing our perspective on the natural world through drama, writing and art, using natural, recycled or cheap materials. Available from Capall Bann Publishing, Freshfields, Chieveley, Berkshire RG20 8TF.

Mildred Masheder 
Lets Enjoy Nature 
ISBN 1 85425 084 1
A brilliant book, full of ideas for indoor and outdoor activities with children, ranging from making playdough to pond dipping to chasing games and building a sundial.

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