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[from ‘Whiffs’ by Kirk Hoessle]

Enough cups for each child / pair, mixing sticks, Magic Water

Skinny Woods, Tall Trees, any of the hedgerows, Hawkhill Wood, Innocent Walkway, Craigmillar Castle Park.

There are many different natural smells all around us, which we sometimes aren’t aware of, because some smells may be more prominent, or we just aren’t tuned in to the subtle smells that exist in the natural world. This activity helps people to focus on these smells and discover a whole new way of exploring the environment!

Everyone is given a plastic cup in which to make his or her own cocktail, and a mixing stick to mix it together. The task is to search out objects with different smells and blend them together into a delightful nasal cocktail! Once everyone has found two or three smells for their cocktail, its true potential can be released through the addition of a drop or two of Magic Water! [Water with a couple of drops of non-smelly food colouring added.] Share the cocktails, and try to guess what's in each one just from their smell. Then you can make up names to describe your botanic bouquets!

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