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Feely Bags

5 or 6 drawstring bags / opaque bags


Anywhere with objects that can be collected. Good places—Skinny Woods, Tall Trees, Hawkhill Wood, Innocent Walkway, Craigmillar Castle Park, hedgerows.

To develop the use of touch in distinguishing between objects and relating this to what we see.

The children should be divided into teams of about five. Each team then has the challenge of finding something to put into the bag, which the other groups have to identify by feeling the object inside the bag. They can either be given a free choice, or each group can be told to find a different texture. E.g. rough, smooth, tickly, prickly, furry or crumbly. Obviously, be careful to tell children not to pick up anything unhygienic or things that might be painful, such as nettles. 

Prickly Tickly—A variation on ‘Feely bags’

5 or 6 egg boxes, with textures written on the bottom.

This is a variation on ‘feely bags’. Divide the children into small groups and give each group an egg-box, with two contrasting textures written on the underneath of the box. Textures could include rough, smooth, hard, soft, tickly, prickly, spongy, furry, wrinkly or crumbly. The groups then have to find objects that match the textures on the box to fill each of the egg-wells. When a group has filled their box, they can show their objects to the other groups, who then feel the objects and guess which texture is written on the underside of the box. Groups can then swap boxes.

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