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Hedge Between Greendykes Avenue
and Greendykes Drive

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gd_shops_hedgerow.jpg (62432 bytes)
Hedgerow by houses,full of wildlife. Spring

This is another mature hedgerow in the network of hedgerows in this area. It separates houses from an area of open grassland. There is a dip in the grass, towards the Thistle Foundation end of the hedge, which fills with water and makes all the soil around it very wet. A Silver Birch tree stands beside this wet patch. There is a lot of Cuckooflower (or Lady’s Smock) here, showing how damp the ground is.

This hedgerow is mainly Hawthorn and Silver Birch along some of its length, then Rose (a garden variety). Also present are Elder, Gorse, Holly, Larch and some large Willow trees.

The ground plants are made up of Bramble, Wood Avens, White Clover, grasses, Cuckooflower, variegated Deadnettle, Rosebay Willowherb, mosses, Cleavers and Broad-leaved Dock with a few plants of Hairy Bittercress and Garlic Mustard. Garlic Mustard is also known as Jack-by –the-Hedge. It has white flowers in spring, which are an important food source for butterflies, just as they come out of hibernation. The leaves can be eaten by humans, although they’re quite bitter, and don’t taste much like garlic or mustard! They do have a slight onion flavour though!


What to look for and when
Spring Summer Autumn Winter
Small, lilac flowers of Cuckoo Flower in grass

Catkins on large Willows 

Small, stubby, pink flowers on Larch tree

White blossoms on Hawthorn and Elder

Late spring - butterflies on Garlic Mustard, Hawthorn and Elder

White Clover in flower in grass - bees on flowers

Pink and white flowers of Roses. Some Rose hips already out, but green. 

Tiny, pink flowers of Broadleaved Willowherb and some downy seedheads

Red clover in flower

Purple flowers of Spear and Creeping thistle – some already with fluffy seed-heads

Scentless Mayweed in flower (looks like Daisy/Chamomile)

Small, white flowers of Garlic Mustard

Some bright red and some large black Rose hips

Garlic Mustard – only stems left

Wood Avens – spiky balls of seed-heads

Papery catkins on Silver Birch

Red berries on Hawthorn

Dark purple clusters of berries on Elder

Watch for birds eating berries in hedgerow

See if there are still any yellow Gorse flowers out

Notice the Larch tree has lost its needles

Bright red Holly berries

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