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Games and Activities

work best if they are linked together in various combinations to provide one whole session with a theme
will provide a structure for an outdoor visit, as well as strengthening awareness of the natural world
can be adapted to suit a particular age group, situation or theme, but be careful not to lose too much from an activity.

Sensory Walk

Tree Game
Wild Flower Hunt

Feely Bags/Prickly Tickly
Minibeast Safari


Bat and Moth
Mini Nature Trail

Meet a Tree
Owls and Crows
Scavenger Hunt

Sound Maps


Wild Animal Detectives

Nature Collage

Story Game
Natural Dominoes

Tree ID /
 Nature ID Games

Wild Imaginations!

The games have come from a variety of sources. Many have come from Joseph Cornell’s books (see ‘Activities Books’) and some have come from the ‘Earthwalks’ book by Kirk Hoessle. 

Where activities are known to have originated from these or other books, the authors have been acknowledged in square brackets [ ]. However, many activities have also been picked up through working with other people and through various training courses. The origins of these games is therefore unknown.

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