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Meet a Tree / Find a Friend
[Joseph Cornell]

Enough blindfolds for half the group

Skinny Woods, Hunters Hall Park, Tall Trees, Hawkhill Wood, Innocent Walkway, Craigmillar Castle Park.

This activity links the two senses of touch and sight together, relating what we can touch to what that looks like. This encourages us to use more than just our eyes in making sense of our surroundings. It also makes the point that woodlands are made up of a collection of separate, unique trees. This is a game of trust and responsibility.

Children are matched up into pairs. Each pair is given a blindfold. One child should be blindfolded, the other is the guide. The guide should lead their partner to any tree that they think looks interesting, making sure to guide them round any obstacles on the way (including brambles and nettles). They should then help the blindfold child to explore their tree and to feel its individuality. Children can be encouraged to do this by suggestions such as ‘Try feeling the bark with your cheek’, ‘Can you put your arms around your tree?’, 'Is there only one trunk?', ‘Are there other plants growing on it?’ etc. When the blindfolded child has finished exploring, they should be led back to where they started by taking an indirect route. Now the blindfold is removed and they have to try to find their tree with their eyes open. Once they have found their tree, the partners swap roles.

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