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Nature Collage

A card for each child, with a strip of double-sided sticky tape on it.

Skinny Woods, Hunters Hall Park, Tall Trees, all hedgerows mentioned, Hawkhill Wood, Innocent Walkway, Craigmillar Castle Park

We often miss colours that occur naturally, by generalising what we see . For example, we often describe leaves as ‘green’ without taking into account that different leaves have different shades of green—and some leaves aren’t actually green at all! This activity helps us to appreciate the many colours and tones of colour that exist in our natural world.

On a walk outside, stop and ask the children how many colours they can see about them. Tell them you want them to collect as many colours as possible, on their special colour-catching cards and challenge them to find over 200 as a group. Show them how to peel off the backing from the sticky tape, and gather these plastic pieces up. Then demonstrate how to collect as many colours as possible on one card by picking very small pieces of natural things and sticking them onto the card. Encourage children to pick only small pieces, not whole flowers, etc. so as not to damage the wildlife around.

Each finished picture will be unique and can be shared in an exhibition, by laying all the cards on the ground. Later, they could be taken back inside and mounted on the wall together for everyone to admire.

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