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Owls and Crows
[Joseph Cornell]

A list of true and false statements, and at least 6 children

Indoors / outdoors. Plenty of space needed.

This is a good game to play to clarify any wildlife information that people have picked up generally, or from previous activities in one session.

The group is divided into two teams. The teams stand in parallel lines, facing each other, about 1m apart. One team are the Owls and the other are the Crows. Both teams have a home base, about 10m behind them. 

Statements about wildlife are read out by the ‘question master’. E.g. ‘Bats eat people’. [It’s good here to refer to sensory observations and local wildlife or geography as well as current topics and general environmental info. For example - locally: ‘The Niddrie Burn runs through Burdiehouse’ - which is true! And sensory info: 'The wind is coming from behind the Crows'] 

If the statement is true, the crows must turn and run for their home, being chased by the owls. The owls must try to catch the crows, before they get to their home. If the statement is false, the crows must chase and catch the owls, before they get to the owls’ home. Anyone who is caught must join the opposing team. So, everyone has to decide whether a statement is true or false AND remember which way to run! The game ends when everyone is an owl, or everyone is a crow.

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