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Photo Gallery

These photographs were taken by children from the Nature Club at the Venchie. 

Click on each picture to see a larger version.

What we saw on a walk around Craigmillar Castle Park...

venchie_gorse.jpg (73442 bytes)
Gorse in flower

Black and white picture of Buddleia

Black and white picture of Alder trees
venchie_alder2.jpg (70207 bytes)
Alder cones and catkins
venchie_moss.jpg (62976 bytes)
Moss on a damp piece of wood
venchie_broken_tree.jpg (52414 bytes)
Tree blown over in strong winds
venchie_cmcastle.jpg (36892 bytes)
Craigmillar Castle from the west
venchie_rabbit.jpg (65593 bytes)
Evidence of rabbits!
venchie_burdock.jpg (28151 bytes)
Spiky, hooked Burdock heads
venchie_holly.jpg (60047 bytes)
Evergreen Holly bush

venchie_treenettle.jpg (50599 bytes)
Stinging Nettles in tree roots
venchie_rockmoss.jpg (53192 bytes)
Moss on a rock
venchie_rockmoss2.jpg (70345 bytes)
Moss on a large rock
venchie_castle2.jpg (54234 bytes)
Craigmillar Castle from the north
venchie_view.jpg (47481 bytes)
View past Hawkhill Wood to Forth


What we saw on a walk around Hawkhill Wood...

venchie_bone2.jpg (30313 bytes)
Bone that looks like a fish!
venchie_fungi.jpg (64176 bytes)
Bracket fungi on a log
venchie_castle1.jpg (65371 bytes)
Craigmillar Castle through the trees
venchie_oakapples.jpg (60559 bytes)
Oak apples
venchie_shadow.jpg (66629 bytes)
Playing with shadows!
venchie_infirmary.jpg (45316 bytes)
New trees in front and 
new Infirmary behind!

   Now go and see if you can find the plants that we found!

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