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Scavenger Hunt
[Joseph Cornell]

Prepared lists of natural items to collect. One list per child or per group.

Almost anywhere. Can either be played whilst going along a path, or in a clearing. Good places—Skinny Woods, Hawkhill Wood, Innocent Walkway, Craigmillar Castle Park.

To encourage the children to look more closely, or differently, at what’s around them.

Children are given a Scavenger Hunt list, must collect everything on it, and bring their findings back to the start point. They should collect one object for each description — e.g. if a feather is found, it can’t be used as ‘something soft’ and ‘something beautiful’ too! In this case, the children have to decide which object is going to be used for which description. Also, emphasis should be placed on taking things which aren’t living if possible, but if they want to collect leaves or flowers, to take only one from any one plant.

The objects on the list should require some creative thinking or close observation. Here are some examples:

A feather
Three different kinds of seeds
Something round
Something red
Something furry
Something that makes a noise
Something perfectly straight
Something beautiful
Food for an animal
Something that shows animals have been here

Items can also be varied to match the seasons.

Once collected and looked at, all the items collected should then be put back where they were found—or taken inside to make something (e.g. collage, sculpture, etc.).

A variation on this game is to give everyone painted matchboxes in which to collect their objects, whilst walking from one place to another. Only very small things that will actually fit into it are allowed. This should encourage the children to look closely at small things and to only take small amounts of things from their surroundings.

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