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Story game

A wildlife story with lots of characters in it!

Indoors / outdoors—with plenty of space. Good outdoor places—Hunters Hall Park, Castlebrae Playing Field, Craigmillar Castle Park.

To expend some of that energy, whilst listening to an informative, ecological story!

It’s like the game ‘Ladders’. Divide the children into two teams. Sit them down in two lines, facing each other, with their legs outstretched to form a ladder. Each team member should have a partner in the other team with whom to form a rung of the ladder. Number the pairs down the teams, from 1 to however many pairs there are. Then explain that you are going to read them a story with many characters in it. Each pair will be given a character, and when they hear their character mentioned in the story, they must get up, run round the back of everyone, and up the middle of the ladder back to their place as fast as they can, before the next character is mentioned. At times, the story will mention ‘everyone’, and this means that everybody must get up and run at the same time!

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