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Enough cards for each person / pair with different textures stuck to them

Absolutely anywhere (don’t need to collect objects).

To encourage the use of touch in exploring the environment.

Prepare a set of cards, using double-sided sticky tape and sticking on various materials with different textures. E.g. velvet, crushed paper, smooth paper, sandpaper, fur, etc. Explain to the children that they will be given a card with a texture on it. They have to feel the texture, describe it and then feel the natural objects about them to find objects with the same texture as on their card. Encourage them to feel their objects gently with their hands or face, not pick them or squash them! See how many they can find of their own texture, then swap with someone else and see how many of that texture they can find.

Afterwards, they could each choose one particular object from each texture they have felt, to take back inside and make into a group ‘texture’ collage. People could then explore this collage with their hands, and with their eyes shut. A step on from this could be to develop a ‘story’, illustrated with textures, so that people could ‘read’ it with their eyes closed.

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