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Tree ID Game
[from 'Identification Game' by Joseph Cornell]

A blanket or paper to place leaves on, tree identification book (if needed), different shaped leaves 

Indoors (if materials previously collected). Outdoors in a clearing. E.g. Skinny Woods / Hunters Hall Park, Hawkhill Wood, Innocent Walkway, Craigmillar Castle Park.

To emphasise tree diversity, to introduce children to tree identification and to help them remember the names and characteristics of the different trees.

Go for a short walk, collecting leaves on the way, pointing out their different characteristics and naming them. (e.g. ‘This one with curvy edges is an oak leaf ’ or ‘This smooth one is a beech leaf’) Collect about ten different leaves. Place the leaves on the blanket and refresh everyone’s memory as to the names of the trees and distinguishing characters of their leaf. Then divide the group into two teams. Line up the teams, opposite each other across the blanket. In dry weather, or indoors, they can sit down. Number each member in the team from 1 to however many there are, so that each team member on each team has a number 1, 2, etc. and a corresponding number in the opposite team. Then, call out the name of a leaf, together with a descriptive word / phrase (e.g. ‘a curvy oak leaf’, or ‘ a smooth beech leaf’) and shout a number. Both children from that pair (on each team) must run to pick up the correct leaf and bring it to you. If  the wrong leaf is brought to you, a point is deducted from that team's score. But if the right leaf is collected, the team member scores a point for their team. 

Nature ID Game is the same game, only played with any natural objects, such as leaves, feathers, pine cones, flowers, old snail shells, etc. Its purpose is to introduce children to a variety of natural objects that they may not know the names of, or have never seen before. It also encourages them to look more closely at these objects and enhances their knowledge and understanding of the natural world.

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