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Using this website

Who's it For?

This website is meant to be an inspiration for everyone to go and check out the world of nature on your doorstep! 

Anyone can use it - near or far, be they adults, children, individuals or community groups and especially if you live around Craigmillar.  (Younger children will require adult help.)

It will be particularly useful to adults who work with children, childminders, parents and, of course, older children and teenagers with projects to complete!  

Click here if you're local or visiting Edinburgh.

Click here if you're miles away!

Locals and Visitors

For locals and visitors to the area, look at the Map or the Wildlife Areas list and decide on one of the outdoor spaces to visit. Print out the relevant wildlife information, then choose some Games and Activities to do in that place. If you need them, be sure to take plant/animal identification books [from Craigmillar library] and go to your chosen place(s) to explore.

Try the Useful Books section for inspiration on even more activities! If you want to take further action, look to the Projects section to find out what has already been done in Craigmillar. If you would like even more information (from practical work to stories about plants and animals) use the Useful Organisations section to look up an organisation that fits your needs!

People nowhere near Edinburgh!

For visitors to the site who are nowhere near Craigmillar or Edinburgh, look at the Map and then go on a virtual journey through the Wildlife Areas of Craigmillar, looking at the beautiful pictures (!) and reading about about Scottish folklore and uses of the plants that can be found here. [Look out for words in bold - these are followed by exceptionally interesting information!] Explore your own local area using the Games and Activities provided. Look up the Useful Books section and find out a whole heap more fantastic activities to stretch your awareness of your surroundings! Be inspired by the numerous Environmental Projects that have been carried out in Craigmillar, and look up Useful Organisations for more information on wildlife conservation, wildlife stories, environmental action and education (maybe one of the organisations will have a project set up near you).

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