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Wild Imaginations!
[an idea from Gordon MacLellan]

Plenty of imagination!   

Skinny Woods, Tall Trees, hedgerows, Hawkhill Wood, Innocent Walkway.

Often environmental activities are very fact-oriented. This activity is a break from that, to stimulate the children’s creative talents and provide them with their own personal link to a particular place. Can be used as a warm-up activity for creating stories.

Before a solitary exercise, such as Sound Maps, tell everyone that when they come back, they should bring one thing from the place where they were (they don’t need to know what this thing is called). When they come back, ask them to get into pairs and each tell an ‘untruth’ about their object to the other person. Give an example of what you mean, such as ‘This [blade of grass] is a raft for ants, for when they go whitewater rafting on the Niddrie Burn, which they do every second Saturday.’ Or ‘This [holly leaf] is the fossilised remains of a pin cushion that the Skinny People of Skinny Woods used to keep their pins in.’ … Do encourage them to let rip with their imaginations! But be sure to announce an ‘arms embargo’ at the beginning—no guns or ammo allowed—because I’m not convinced that these are the most imaginative ideas!

Once everyone has told their partners, ask them to tell three other people what their object is, each time adding something new to tell about what it’s used for or who uses it, etc. Then bring the final pairings together in a circle, and ask each person to tell the group what their partner’s object is / what it’s used for / who used it, etc. You might find that some objects are related, have a similar use, or are used by the same creatures! This could lead on to making up a story incorporating everyone's objects. The objects could then be used as the basis for pictures and sculptures to illustrate the story, on a story trail. 

OR they could be made into a collective sculpture / picture or (individually) taken back to where they were found to be made into completely unrelated sculptures or pictures there. Then, you can put on a guided tour and visit each work of art!

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